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Better Results – 5 Steps to More Money, Influence and Time To Do What You Want

A bit ago, I took over a group of departments where one of my leaders had been running the organization for several months before I arrived. Needless to say, Sam was no happy camper when I showed up.

Fast forward a couple years and he was still right there with me. Sam was a rockstar! Unfortunately, I couldn’t create any more assignments to stretch him. It was time for him to move on. He was ready for more.

After a number of meetings with other leaders that would offer advancement opportunities, again and again he opted not to go. I really liked Sam and wanted what was best for him. He was ready for more.

Finally, after a good heart-to-heart about his ability to take on more, he responded with a simple response, “When you go, I go.”

Wow! I was floored. I’d like to think I had a little something to do with this, but I knew it wasn’t all me. It was the system. While I was flattered by his loyalty, I wanted him to spread his wings. However, Sam stayed with me until I left that organization. A few of weeks after I left, so did he. Sam had a new role, making more money, with a higher title. He was ready for more.

At a time when people are disconnected from their roles and leaders, and companies lose $11B annually from turnover, I thought it was time to share the system. Employees that feel their leaders are interested in their personal lives are 3X more engaged. We used to be able to simply share what we had to offer customers and employees. Now they tell us what they want; what they expect. These facts and the need to change how we lead prompted me to write Better Results.

Truth is, many organizations conduct engagement studies every year or two. This data is readily available. For most, unless the question is “alignment,” the data is not the problem. Alignment is another article, but for brevity of this post, suffice it to say Better Results solves for alignment. Whether alignment or engagement, the problem is what to do with the data; how to move the needle.

When shareholder return is 19% higher when employees are engaged, it’s imperative we address this issue. Better Results provides the solution to getting the ship and everyone on it moving in synch, headed in the prescribed direction, while speaking the same language.

People don’t leave companies. People leave people. Leadership is Personal! Experience deeper connections with your employees and customers. Experience Better Results!

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