Reduce attrition, drive deeper engagement and create a culture of loyal brand ambassadors. Leadership is Personal!

Develop, retain and ignite your employees, stakeholders and customers with a content-filled keynote delivered with a motivational charge.

Develop, Retain, Ignite Employees and Customers

Nimble Global Keynote Speaker that knows business and understands diverse audiences from the US and abroad. Kevin delivers business topics with the inspiration move your audience.

HomeServe UK - Walsall, UK

Kevin talks about what it takes to truly connect with Millennials and why "Leadership is Personal."

Diversity, Inclusion & Outcomes with Minnesota Housing Authority 

Tasked by the Executive Director to turn up the heat a bit, we talk diversity, what it takes to get ahead and how people of color can get boxed out.

"Kevin's passion and energy is truly inspirational. He is a skilled speaker whose strategies for living a purposeful life are actionable and motivate leaders for broader impact both personally and professionally. Kevin engages with audiences and leaves them energized to make meaningful change. As noted by an attendee of Kevin's presentation, "One of the best speakers I've heard. His message is applicable and motivational. He provides new perspectives, positive thinking and I loved his passion!"

Executive Director & President, Twin Cities Diversity In Practice

"I personally enjoyed your talk! In particular, the ice breaker activity was very helpful to me! Small activity….big thought process behind it… I can also say, with fervor, how I noticed then, and have since noticed, a change in how associates view taking control of their professional careers. After listening to your points on taking leadership personally and taking some ownership in our careers, I believe we have met success!!"

Department Leader, Ecolab

Some of The Places That Have Experienced The Energy of Kevin

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