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A leadership and diversity & inclusion talent development firm with systems that produce connected employees that stay with you because they're personally invested in your company’s long-term success.


Scientifically measure and build an aligned, inclusive, engaged culture, transforming people and their output and your culture.


It all begins with mindset. Ignite people, audiences and organizations to maximize productivity and win!


Challenge your assumptions and grow beyond your own vision. Private Client Coaching and Group Coaching Circles.

wish employees needed less direction?

Does Your Organization

Lack Rhythm

Do you know how well your organization would run if your leaders and employees were in synch?

The Rhythmic Difference

You get the blueprint and cadence to get those you lead in lock-step with your vision and mission. You get maximum engagement, output and retention.

Reduce Attrition

Decades of leading in three Fortune 100 organizations, through some of the worst economic times yet still growing exponentially. We show you how to develop talent and keep it. People don't leave companies, they leave bad leaders. Don't have bad leaders. Get them in The Rhythm of Leadership.

Drive Inclusion 

Successfully led MultiCultural & LGBTQ Banking, Underserved & Private Client Group Product Development & Segmentation Strategy at US Bank, the 5th largest bank in the US. Created bank's 1st ever Diverse Talent College Intership Program. Get your organization into the Rhythm of Diversity and win! 

Winning Culture

Three time NCAA Division I Conference Champion. Multiple corporate awards and the ability to ignite people. Classically trained in finance, strategy and people. It's all about the people. From Walsall to Wisconsin, Kevin has inspired organizations to expand their vision to create high-performing winning culture.

We've helped companies just like yours get in rhythm

Three Easy Steps to Get In Rhythm

Go from having to over communicate to moving in rhythm.

Step 1


Free consultation to share your challenges, identify what success look like and get to know us.

Step 2


Confirm desired outcomes and deliverables, delivery dates, milestones and the vision of success.

Step 3


Enjoy amazing experiences and ongoing connected relationship, moving you from chaos to stepping in rhythm!

The Right Solution Customized For You

Discover how we make the unassailable difference for your company

We don't lift a boxed solution off the shelf and force you to fit into it. We listen, understand the challenges to where you want to get to and collaboratively craft the solution specific to your challenge.

Because we engage the organization where you want to, we can address individuals, leaders and organizations independently. We have a multitude of modalities at our disposal. Whether scientifcally based individual assessments, 360 degree assessments or AI enhanced organizational assessments that address both leaders and culture, we are equiped to arrive at the right solution and provide the right level of support.

What Our Clients Think About Our Service

We have have made the difference for clients in the US and abroad just like you. In-person or virtual, we're committed to making the difference for you too.

Co-Managing Partner, Head of Diversity 

Bowman & Brooke, LLP

Hear from the Co-Managing Partner of one of the largest law firms in the country. 

Medtronic Leader

Hear the touching message of a leader of one Fortune 500's blue chip firms that took action on the spot to kick-start the difference professionally and personally.

"This is no simple event to arrange as we are in the UK and Kevin lives in the Twin Cities so we were so lucky that he took the time out of his busy schedule to fly over and share his thoughts and experience. He is a brilliant speaker. The team are still buzzing. I can't share it all but I will say that starting today I'm going to try and do something that scares me every day."

Greg Reed, CEO, HomeServe UK (

"I personally enjoyed your talk! In particular, the ice breaker activity was very helpful to me! Small activity….big thought process behind it… I can also say, with fervor, how I noticed then, and have since noticed, a change in how associates view taking control of their professional careers. After listening to your points on taking leadership personally and taking some ownership in our careers, I believe we have met success!!" 

E.Lindquist, ECOLAB  (

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