Not our first rodeo.

We've sat where you sit and

successfully navigated the landscape. You'll benefit from our proven track record inside and outside of a multitude of organizations. 

We don't just know human capital development, leadership, and diversity, equity & inclusion from reading Churchill, Covey or Powell. We've lived it. We've executed in the trenches - successfully!

"Kevin's approach to inspiring, moving and motivating is contagious. He stimulates growth and helps you retain your best employees by igniting attitudes and getting you the most from your people so they can deliver the best experience to your customers."      

our leader

Kevin D. Wright is Managing Partner / CEO 

Kevin doesn't know leadership, diversity, equity & inclusion from reading a book. He's lived it. He's done it in the trenches through one of the worst economic downturns in history pre-COVID. Successfully! Growing revenues 170% to ~$250million.

- Fortune 100 Corporate Executive

- 20 Years of Experience at 3 International Brands

- National & International Industry Leader

- Board Director & Advisor 

Kevin believes "Leadership is Personal." You get experienced real-talk, driving real engagement and transformational results for your employees, emerging and seasoned leaders.


Joy D. Calinawan

Executive Assistant

david Rudder, PhD


Dr. Aliya Jones, MD, MBA


Mary Messer


April Lewis


Andre Dixon

Business Development 

Bill Kroll

business development

ken Briscoe

design director

about us

We use our experiences to help create yours

Before starting a Human Capital Development, Leadership Development and Diversity, Equity & Inclusion consulting firm Kevin honed his leadership skills in mental health organizations (2) and Fortune 100 organizations (3) - Bank of America (MBNA), Target and U.S. Bank. Kevin's responsibilities have spanned the globe to Spain, Ireland, England and more.  He's led Six Sigma at Target and Product Development, Segmentation and Strategy at U.S. Bank. Clients benefit from his process improvement, change management and psychology background. 

True to form, when Kevin sees a need, he fills it. He recognized the need for those leading human capital development to deeply understand organizational effectiveness and the bottom line. Aeriis Insights Group was born. Aeriis is your firm for customized stand alone and integrated systems that produce connected employees that stay with you because they're personally invested in your company's long-term success. We show you how to better connect with all of your employees to get the most in discretionary effort. At Aeriis, we are here to serve you.

Tell us what you need. We really want to know!