February 28

Who Are You Inspiring?


My heart aches for those impacted by the senseless acts of terror and hatred occurring everyday in our cities across America. Let’s all keep our fellow (wo)man in our thoughts and prayers.

I wonder if these humans enacting terror had someone in his corner; someone to believe in them? There is little more rewarding than having a profound impact on people; than leading. Whether instilling confidence in a friend or colleague or touching the life of a child, we must all aspire to leaving this world a bit better than when we arrived.

It is imperative that leaders have a healthy dose of empathy to fully engage the perspective of those they lead and/or that look to them as a blueprint. Leadership is merely influence and it has to be personal. And those we influence, need to hear our voice and feel our empathy and support. Our words and energy are powerful. Let’s use them to be the spark that propels those we influence to greatness.

Horace Mann once said, “You should be ashamed to die until you’ve won a victory for humanity.” Whose life are you encouraging and impacting in a meaningful way? Who are you encouraging to reach, to embrace opportunity and jump? Even the perceived impossible at times is a worthy endeavor. Our reach must exceed our grasp.

I hope you enjoy your week, and if time permits, you enjoy one of my blogs or podcast episodes. Click the link and engage in the latest in leadership and more. You may find a spark or two for yourself. And equally as important, you may find a spark to share that could be the difference for someone else. Leadership is personal!

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