February 28

The One Small Change That Can Make The Difference


What a day! As we watch the news in agony over yet another senseless shooting, I pray none of you were impacted. I am not so naïve. I recognize that is unlikely. Unfortunately, we are all impacted; some more than others.

There is a massive amount of discourse and ugliness occurring in our country and across the world causing division. Some in fact by design. Honestly, I wish it escaped me. It doesn’t. Frankly, I don’t think it escapes any of us.

In every conversation, let’s try to approach them balanced, open and objective. Recognizing we bring our own conscious and unconscious bias and perspectives grown out of personal context, experiences and sometimes privilege. I am convinced, the way to add value immediately can be found in our ability to listen. Not in listening for our turn to speak, but in truly listening. At times I advise my coaching clients to not respond. Even when they have something to say. Sometimes the greatest amount of value is found in not responding at all.

As I look at a country that is more divided than ever, it pains me. It is not my place to say who is right, or who is wrong. Simply to ask that we listen to one another. Surely in the trying times of today, we need leadership more than ever. This is why I hope you take three minutes to review this week’s Leadership is Personal Report. I trust you will find a nugget of two that makes you a better listener; a better leader.

Whether you heed the advice of Cargill CEO, David MacLennan in 9 Authentic Actions That Build Trust or gain understanding of the importance of the R.A.T. in the room, shared by THOR Companies CEO, Ravi Norman in Who Moved Your Cheese. This week’s edition is chock full of nuggets in pithy, insightful articles.

One of the most important concepts to understand in leading is listening. The next time someone says something that is counter to your ideals, give them a good listening to. There will be plenty of time to respond later. After some time and thought, your response may actually be different.

Kevin D Wright believes leadership is personal. The author of Better Results! he’s a dynamic international speaker, consultant, executive coach and Member of the Forbes Coaching Council. As Managing Partner of Aeriis Insights Group, Inc. his work covers leadership, performance, and D&I. Kevin partners with organizations to engage, develop and retain company’s top talent and customers. Visit www.leadershipispersonal.com to learn more.

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